Thursday, September 22, 2016

Skincare Journey: Halfway Mark

I recently had my skin reassessment at the halfway mark of my ‘no procedure’ skincare journey and wanted to share with all of you the results.
If you have been following me these last 10 weeks, you already know what’s up and if not, you should check out my previous videos to get the full scope of what’s been going on with my skin and how far it has come in this short amount of time.
When I first visited the clinic and did the skin assessment in July, my skin was gauged at 27.9 years (which is pretty banging for some who is 33). But that isn’t to say I didn’t have some issues (magnitude is in the eye of the beholder). My under eye circles were excessive, I had a few deep-set wrinkles (specifically on my forehead) that irked me and the texture and color of my skin was pretty yuck.
So I was put on a routine by my dermatologist, of Jouviance products, that I have been following religiously (available in previous blogs and videos) and well, the proof is in the pudding. These dermatologist-developed products really were game changer in a sense that the results were not superficial and actually changed my skin drastically. Enough so that I can now leave the house with BB cream rather than a full coverage foundation for the first time in ever. And although I can see and feel a difference, it was nice to have “scientific” confirmation.
At my reassessment, they redid the general skin analysis, skin hydration testing (surface and internal) and wrinkle imprints. The results showed that my 27.9-year-old skin was now 27.4 years old. My skin had improved in all areas (yay!) and I believe whole-heartedly it was because of my dedication to the new routine and products that were suggested to me. Really couldn’t be happier about the results and my decision to do this. And I think that’s the most important test, how I feel. My under eye circles and skin discoloration are essentially gone and I feel far more confident in my skin. Not much can top that… but obviously I am going to try!
Now that my skin has had such amazing results with these products, it is time to update my routine to make further improvements and to meet the needs of winter skin (blah!). And if you are interested in the updated products and routine, please check back soon so I can share all the details with you! And don’t forget to comment, letting me know if you’ve tried my routine and what your results have been so far! xo

Wednesday, September 14, 2016


Moe and I are currently in the market for a new car because our lease is expiring on the Mercedes C350 very soon. Moe is hoping to stick to a Benz and wants our next ride to be the Mercedes C63 4MATIC, whereas I am hoping to get another Honda (what I drove before the Benz).
So, this past weekend, we were graciously given the opportunity to test-drive the Honda Civic Touring Turbo. Shout out to Honda Des Sources for letting us take it on our mini road trip to Tremblant and really experience the car.
Moe, Pinchi and myself spent the weekend, getting pampered, walking around, eating, drinking and relaxing, so pretty happy about that whole situation (check my video for some snippits of our weekend and our ride!). And we were equally as happy about the ride. From an aesthetic point of view, the car is really freaking cute (my description, not Moe’s).
As for performance, it is the Turbo so as Moe so eloquently put “it’s got juice”, which I am assuming means it has a good engine with power behind it. And all the technological upgrades are really dope. Especially the side view cameras when you put your flicker on, which is fab for those of us tiny people who have issues with blind spottage. And the cruise control feature is next level because it self adjusts when you are nearing another vehicle. So it automatically changes to mimic the flow of traffic. All really cool and very useful features.
So all in all, had a really nice time with Moe and Pinchi in Tremblant and super pumped that we got to test drive my pick (the Hondo Civic Touring) for the whole weekend (thank you Honda Des Sources!) because I think it may have converted Moe and edged him over to my choice. The dealership really chose a car that would be comparable to what we are use to, which I think is a really nice touch to their service and hospitality.
To be continued though when we test drive his Benz choice and we can do a side-by-side comparison so see which car will be our next. And hopefully this is helpful for any of you who are currently in the market for a new car too! xo