Monday, March 30, 2015


Today marks an exciting moment in my life timeline- I launched my first collection! OK- lets call a spade a spade; it's not really a collection... more like two tees but still! These two babies are the first of many- I'll be adding new styles and new commodities throughout the seasons but for now, lets start with these two styles.


So for those of you who are OG subbies, you know my love for the supermodels of the 90's. I used to say that my I would be Cindy Crawford when I grew up; my teen self aspired to party it up with Kate and Naomi; Linda was my hairspiration and Claudia was just the most stunning woman of life! I would watch Fashion File on Sunday afternoon to practice my walk- I legit thought I was one of them... hence the inspiration for this tee. 

The fit is the perfect muscle tee in my opinion- a lower armhole [but not so low that you need a bandeau], a little bit of a racer back [but not so racer back that you can't wear a bra] to keep it feminine- and finally its made loose, which is totally the way to go. The fabric is crazy soft and the perfect level of tissue jersey which is super slimming.

This baby is retailing for $14USD with free shipping to the US and Canada HERE


This happens to be my favorite expression! It's basically a tee pocking fun at all the stupid things we all say without realizing how stupid we sound- you know we all have those moments ;) This photo totally depicts Nicole Ritchie in the middle of a #richpeopleproblem... lol! 

On a more important note- let me describe the tee itself. It has the boxiness of a crop top without actually being cropped. It tucks in really nicely into a pencil skirt but also looks really good with just a pair of jeans worn casual. The fabric is the same super soft and super luxe feel as my model tee.

The neckline is also pretty awesome- it's large enough that it can be worn off the shoulder but not too large that it annoyingly won't stay as a normal tee if you want it to be styled as a basic white tee.

This baby is retailing for $18USD with free shipping to the US and Canada HERE

I hope you guys love these tees as much as I do! I was so excited to tell you guys about them!! Happy shopping!! xo

Friday, March 20, 2015


This Winter feel like the Never Ending Story... Today marks the first day of Spring and even though my outfit got the memo- mother nature decided to sleep in. Being married to a Persian family means I take the first day of Spring very seriously; hence busting out my favorite Zara suede pumps and leather jacket. The flow of my layered tops mixed with the edginess of my jacket and jeans are the perfect combo- throw in my favorite suede pumps and this outfit was perfect for our New Year festivities.

To all my Persian friends out there- I wish you a happy Norouz! Tons of love, success and everything that you can dream of!