Wednesday, July 9, 2014


I've been making a conscious effort to dress more 'office appropriate' while at work over the past few months. I can honestly say that this is the first time in my life that I've struggled getting dressed in the morning- I finally know the annoyance all my friends go through! In the past if I didn't know what to wear I would just pull out an oversized top and a pair of cut off One Teaspoon shorts and call it a day; but with this new 'business look' mentality I don't allow myself to go there. 

Now that I have the 'dressing like a grownup' down to a science I feel like I have some tips to share with all of you denim cut off lovers out there that need to step up their game:
  1. Jackets are my new bff. No matter how iffy you are about the professionalism level of your outfit; if you throw on a jacket you instantly look put together. I've actually had someone tell me that as long as she wears closed pumps and a jacket she feels as though she can get away with a bikini underneath and stroll into work! Although this is obviously an exaggeration I totally feel what she was saying.
  2. Dresses over pants. I have come to the conclusion that basic/solid dress pants and I will never be a match made in heaven. Maybe this is the private school girl in me having a flashback to fifteen years ago but that look is no bueno in my books. A dress on the other hand keeps your look fresh and in my opinion like you care more- like you put in a little more effort. 
  3. Exception to the rule. Printed trousers are the only way I will ever wear pants at the office. If you follow me on Instagram (find me HERE), you already know this about me.... anything printed paired back to a jacket is eh OK with me!
  4. Killer footwear. Whether you wear heels or flats- solid footwear is an instant outfit game changer. I have been stalking the shoe department at Zara and I think I've bought every single pair of shoes this season. For Spring/Summer I suggest a statement high heeled sandal or a flat gladiator to spruce up a basic dress.
  5. Luxe handbag. My last tip obviously has to be a handbag related tip- your handbag is the cherry on top! It doesn't need to be designer or cost a fortune but it does need to stand out and more importantly go with your whole look. You'd be surprised how you many women I've been seeing walking around downtown Montreal with mismatched accessories- no excuse for that- it only takes an extra 3 minutes to switch out a handbag in the morning! 

For all you ladies out there switching up their style game- just like me- my advise to you is to keep it up! It's not easy to grow out of your comfort zone; once you do tough it's pretty cool to see the so called 'new you'. 

AKA JACKET (from a few years ago)
ZARA DRESS (now in the sale!!)
ZARA SANDALS (now in the sale!!)