Wednesday, August 24, 2016


My get unready with me video was definitely a visual testament to how much my new skincare routine has improved my complexion, under eye circles and overall the way I am feeling about my skin sans Botox, peels, etc.

But I thought to give you guys a bit more insight into how I came to these results so far, I would share what I was doing previously and compare that to what I am doing now, which likely combined with my dermatologists recommendation of Jouviance products, explains why I am having such phenomenal results.

So, before this journey, I was super old school and used a bar of soap and washcloth to remove my makeup and cleanse my skin. This process obviously takes a toll on your skin because of the scrubbing that has to be done in order to achieve a truly clean feeling (which honestly, now I realize I was never achieving 100%). My replacement for this step is now using the Micelle Solution with cotton pads. This is far gentler on my skin and it multitasks by removing makeup (including waterproof mascara!), cleanses and tones. It also leaves my skin feeling fresh rather than tight which is my experience with most toner products.

I would then head over to my moisturizer that I would slather on my skin and drag up to my under eye area rather than using an actual eye cream. This resulted in me having small white bumps under my eyes and doing absolutely nothing to my dreaded under eye circles (which made me look like I hadn’t slept in days). I have since been advised to use the Revive eye serum and I have to say (side by side photo proof provided) has been GAME CHANGER! My under eye circles have essentially vanished and I am having zero adverse reactions to the product – double score!

Then I would completely skip over a serum because it just wasn’t something I even thought of to be honest. Now that I have introduced the Antioxydant formula into my routine, I get the hype. I have always had an uneven complexion that forced me to wear full coverage foundation at all times. This serum has evened my skin out to the point where I can use BB cream or tinted moisturizer and call it a day. And it leaves zero tacky residue so in my mind this means it is actually penetrating the skin, which is probably why the effects are so apparent. So yeah, pretty hyped about this step as well.

Then we get to the day cream and night cream portion of the routine and I fell into the category of peeps that thought you needed separate products for day and night. My day cream often left my skin tacky and without a solid primer, I would slick through my makeup in under an hour. It really was a futile attempt at moisturizing. Then my night routine was always some thick cream that was just really making my skin greasy rather than providing any real hydration, and also did little to nothing for wrinkles, fines lines, etc. So I was told to use the RestructivSRD moisturizer as my day and night cream and aside from a genuine sense of hydration, my wrinkles are less visible (to the point where I am not jonesing for a Botox fix at all). The texture is so light; it is super refreshing and hydrating all at once.

And lastly, I just wanted to mention 2 products that are not part of my everyday skincare routine but I use twice a week and both have had a big impact on my overall skin wellness. First is a scrub that I have always wanted to incorporate into my routine but was unable to find a product that did more good than harm. Exfoliants generally would leave my skin covered in broken capillaries and would cause me to break out because the texture was too rough. The Jouviance scrub has brought my skin to a place I never thought it could be. Without any irritation, it removes all dry patches (especially those around my nose and eyes that cause foundation to crack) and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without feeling tight or dry.

Then there is the facemask that was recommended which I was reluctant to try because I always thought my mask game was on point. And not to say that it wasn’t, but this mask is something different than what I am use to. It is super gentle, not drying at all and has the effect of having a mini facial. It leaves my skin hydrated and plump. A really nice bonus that I was more than happy to add to my routine.

For someone like myself who has always been an advocate of trying new products, rarely committing to a set routine, this challenge has been difficult. But when you have such genuinely positive results (particularly my UNDER EYE CIRCLES), it is hard not to be excited! Looking forward to continue this journey with all of you and as always would love to hear your feedback and questions on this no-procedure skincare journey I have embarked on. xo

Saturday, August 20, 2016


90's VIBES

Honing my fashion chops in the 1990’s, I have never been one to shy away from short and tight. In fact, there is nothing I love more than rocking a skin-tight mini dress for a night out. Looking and feeling sexy is something we should all embrace more, IMO.

On the flip side, I think the 90’s had dual personalities, in a sense that the straight cut midi dress was also super relevant and equally as sexy. And it is absolutely something I find myself gravitating towards more often now for a night out look. There is something about this “put together comfy” vibe that is super hot in the chicest way.

So find me in my spaghetti strap midi dress and now it is time to accessorize. Layered chokers – check! Strappy sandals – check! Bandana tied on my upper arm?!?! Yes, you heard right! Leave my wrist out of it and lets switch it up. By bringing the bandana up your arm, you are turning something seemingly street into something super effing chic. Trust me, it works!

Comfy chic, the evolution of overtly sexy and something we can all feel good about and look hella good in. xo

Tuesday, August 16, 2016



For all of my Yiddish speaking peeps out there, this is an ode to tchotchke (aka accessorized) accessories. Flipping basic on its ass for a less serious, more seriously fun way of sporting your handbags… patched up.

So step one, find a good quality bag, preferably something structured so it stands up to the adhesive and the patches. I ordered mine from Parodie Officiale (@parodie.officiale), it was $260USD, excellent quality and took about a month from first contact to receiving the bag. They do not have an online store so you have to email them in order to purchase a bag.

Then I went on Etsy, scooped out the dopest patches (the assortment is overwhelming in the best way possible), ordered them and I was in business. Well, once Moe told me which glue I needed to adhere the patches to my bag… I used cement contact glue and I advise all who are patching to be diligent in reading the instructions for your glue because once the patch is on, it ain’t coming off. Idea: Place your patches and take some pics pre-glue to see what looks good.

Ok, now that you’re happy with your lay out, proceed to glue patches onto your bag (I had to use a few layers of glue because my bag is textured). Once completely dry, grab your bag, take a few (dozen) mirror selfies with your new baby and post on IG to show off your new tchotchke accessory. xo 

Pre patching
Patches and glue
Final look