Wednesday, August 13, 2014


My Chanel boy bag has been almost a year in the making- I thought about it for the longest time, went back and forth on the idea of getting it, contemplated the size which what seems like forever... basically you get it, I REALLY thought about it before I took the plunge. So with all that being said- I did it, I bought the Chanel small boy bag in black caviar leather with silver hardware (wow, that was a mouthful!) and then... the drama began. 

Chapter 1: OMG yay!
My journey with my new boy bag began last week. It was a normal Monday. I was sitting at the office daydreaming about the possibility of a new handbag when I made my decision. I picked up the phone and dialled the Chanel Boutique at Saks Fifth avenue in New York. I was elated when I was told that not only did they have the small boy in stock but that they had it EXACTLY the way I wanted it. This was a total sign from God- I had to buy it, right (?)! Basically hung up the phone knowing I had just made my month! All I could think was 'in 2-5 days I will have the most awesome bag EVER!'.

Chapter 2: #Ugh.... really?
At this point Thursday rolls around- I actually managed to convince my husband to stay home from work to sign for my package which I had been eagerly awaited for the past 4 days. Today was the day- THE day! I left for work with the feeling of walking on a cloud trying to contemplate if I should take a cab home on my lunch break to go welcome home our new houseguest.... My bubble was completely burst at 11:21 (yes, I remember the exact time) when my husband called me to tell me that the duties on my new best friend were $1,600- SIXTEEN HUNDRED DOLLARS!!! Needless to say that our new roommate was no longer welcome in our house- in other words: 'Return to sender'.

Chapter 3: Game on
After picking up the pieces of my broken heart I came to an intelligent conclusion: have the package redirected to a friend's house in the US- duh!!! So I called Fed Ex and told them about my master plan. Once I spent an hour on the phone with twelve different customer service agents it was done, my plan was back in action.

Chapter 4: Why oh why?
Of course my plan was too good to be true- was called back to say that my plan was no bueno because shipping my boy to my friends house meant another border crossing- another $1,600 :( They advised me that the only way to make this $1,600 disappear it to ship the box back to Saks. Which is exactly what I did. Giving up on the idea that I would get my dream handbag, I walked home that night with a sad face- McD's in hand and all- and called it a day.

Chapter 5:  Missed call
Checked my phone to see a missed call from someone in New York- also a new voicemail. I got a call from an angel at Saks- she called to tell me that she's a subbie on YouTube and that she knows I was planning a trip to New York at the end of August and that if I wanted she would hold my handbag at customer service until I come and pick it up in person. Called this person back within 5 mins and I am now so happy to say that in 17 days (almost 16 now) my long lost friend and I will be reunited! Until then, this photo of Hilary Duff wearing a twinsie version of my bag will have to do.

Chapter 6: In conclusion

I would love to hear your crazy shopping stories- it would make me feel better to know that there are others out there who are just as in vested in luxury items as I am.